The Fantastic Friday Five: Curried quinoa, Kale salad and SPRING!

The Fantastic Friday Five is a weekly series featuring odds and ends from my everyday life – food, running, gardening, home-ownership and more!

The good and the bad.  It’s been a good week around here for lazing and catching up on life planning… school vacation week for me!  (I’m a teacher, not a student, but vacation is even more welcome when you’re an adult!)  And the bad.  If you are not living in a hole (or the Central Maine woods?), which I assume you’re not if you’re reading this, you know that the bombings at the Boston Marathon have been very unsettling and heartbreaking to us all.  I live only an hour and a half north of Boston, and I know many people in the area.  I’m also a runner.  But no matter what bad there is in the world, the good is better, and I felt especially proud to be out running this week and seeing others do the same.  There’s a race I’ve been not wanting to do (I’m an infamous cold-feeter when it comes to races), but I’m going to run it tomorrow.  Because I can, and n0body can stop me.  Now allow me to share some of the fantasticness of the week with you… Thank you, as always, for joining in!  :)

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