Harvest Moon Kitchen – closing up the cheese shop

Version 2It is with a heavy heart that I announce the closing of Harvest Moon Kitchen. I’ve had a wonderful time, and met so many lovely people, and I will truly miss those connections and making my customers happy with cheese that I believe in. The closure is not due to business failure, but because I’ve accepted a new position in a career that I love that makes it impossible to continue dedicating the necessary time to running HMK.*

My locations (Portland Food Co-op, Morning Glory Natural Foods, Royal River Natural Foods, Frinklepod Farm) will not be restocked this week (8/1/16), so whatever is still in stock is the last of the cheese. Get it while you can! If you want to talk cheese (book recommendations, etc.), feel free to message me on my personal account: Julie Guilbault Marsh.

* If you’re interested in discussing buying the successful business (including name, logo, website, recipes, equipment, labeling, store contacts, etc.), contact me through my personal FB with an email address or through the contact form on the website and I will be in touch through email.

With love and happy cheese thoughts, Julie

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